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My name is Mark Dion. Many of my fellow Enfielders(yup just made that up) know me as "the guy that drives the red pick up truck". I opened Mark's Restaurant on October 24, 2016. Before I decided to build a restaurant in the middle of historical Thompsonville it was well thought out. I actually purchased the property over 10 years before I even started the renovations. I thought about the community and things I can do to help out the community. I own a few properties in Enfield and over the years I had the pleasure of getting to know not only my tenants but the other people around town. I noticed how hard working they are. And sometimes  when I had to do repairs I would see the mothers and fathers coming home exhausted and still had to prepare dinner for the family. And I thought they need a place to sit and unwind after a hard day at work and have a nice home cooked meal away from home at a reasonable price. Then I thought what better way to give back than to try and employee as many from Enfield! Currently every person I employ  lives in Enfield! I think they take more pride in their job because they are serving THEIR community and getting to know them personally. 

The staff here is amazing! I know I am biased but they truly are great. The longer I work with them and get to know them the more I feel like they are an extension of my family and we look at our customers the same way!

Everyone here brings something unique to offer.


Kim is my right hand and most of the time I feel the left hand too.  You'll see her most mornings and some weekends. She is  the soup master, a cook and part of the waitstaff.


Tanya has been here since day we opened. She started off as the baker. Now in addition to that title she is my manager, a cook    and  part of the waitstaff.

Meet The Team


Melissa is our newest member and has   a great personality    and  a smile    that will light up the    room. 

37 Pleasant St. Enfield CT 06082

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